Hier könnt ihr unsere Spiele testen                                                                         Here you can test our games

Du kannst hier die Spiele testen die es eventuell auch zu kaufen gibt (bei Steam) viel später.

Here you can test our games. They may be buyable too (on Steam) much later.

 Planeterra - first Version (Alpha 1.0) will be released in between 10nd of May and 16th of                             May

Some things like my Zombie Slime Colony are insipred by:

Terraria by Re-Logic 

Minecraft by Mohjang.


W,A,S,D - Movement

Space - Jump

Shift - Sprint

F9 (only for now) - Spawn Slime Colony

left Mousebutton - Destroy Blocks, Hit Enemys

Right Mousebutton - Place Blocks

E - Inventory

X - Skill Menu

Esc - Menu

Update Log Alpha 1.0:

-Base Mechanics

-Boss: Zombie Slime Colony

-Ores, Trees, Caves

-Character Skills

-Zombie, Slime

Known Bugs:

-Can get a bit stuck in trees

-Inventory doesn't function properly, but it's ok :)

-Jumping (Player and Enemy) is wierd

-Camera Movement is weird

-Ore Generation is weird

-Button hitbox is a bit left/right displaced

But what can you do when you are one programmer with little (1 year) programming knowledge ;)

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Planeterra (Alpha 1.0).rar (29.9MB)
Planeterra (Alpha 1.0).rar (29.9MB)